A Many Lives Memoir

By Michael R. Kramer

Soul to God

My Soul's journey over many lives to God Realization and the lessons I learned along the way


We are Soul

We are Soul—you and I. We are loved by God and chart our course through universes of Spirit into worlds of matter, sustained by a continual feed of God’s Love. We sojourn into these worlds with lost memories of our identity and of how we inhale the very breath of God each moment. This God-love sustains us life after life, from heaven to earth—and back again. Its winds fill our sails propelling us on the greatest adventure of all—our return home to the heart of God, and then back again in loving service to our brothers and sisters-of-the-journey.

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Soul to God

The Book

By Michael R. Kramer

At twelve years of age, a powerful spiritual force lifted me out of my body into a world of extreme Light, profound love—and bliss. My life goal became to understand and duplicate that experience at will. At fourteen, I began remembering a past life as a Tibetan Buddhist Lama who taught his students the aggressive, dispassionate sport of debate, to logically challenge everyone, including oneself. Inspired by these memories, my challenge to religious dogma did not endear me to the Christian Jesuit Brothers at my all-boys Catholic high school. Thus began my life path and conflict, rejecting traditional thought in search of an all-inclusive wisdom that made sense, that included all religions and sciences—that led to my goal of God Realization. Soul to God is my personal account of the miracles, stories, and insights I experienced along the way.

Michael R. Kramer is a retired international

graphic designer, spiritual leader, public speaker, and author.

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Soul To God E-book, Past Lives

Miraculous stories of a Soul’s search over many lifetimes for an all-inclusive wisdom that led to Its ultimate goal—God Realization.